• Orchestre Eugenie, tradition of french romantic & festive music


    The Orchestre Eugénie is a unique ensemble in France that varies from 2 to 8 musicians as required and depending on the venue. It falls within the tradition of salon orchestras intended to accompany the lives of Parisians under the Second French Empire and during the Belle Époque, in their salons and for of cial or private celebrations. It brings together professional mu- sicians who are passionate about the French ro- mantic music that was popular at the time (1850- 1915).


    The Orchestre Eugénie is specialised in nding and interpreting French music from the romantic period, namely :

    • Romantic dances, composed for occasions such as balls (waltzes, polkas, gallops, quadrilles), private music events or receptions
    • Works of the Great Repertoire, orchestrated for salon formations to be interpreted at more inti- mate events, such as “at home” (chamber ope- ras, mélodies, compositions of successful sym- phonic and operatic works for smaller groups). 

    Conservation and analysis of a unique repertoire that made Paris “capital of the arts in the 19th century”

    Our ensemble focuses above all on reliving this repertoire of works by French composers. The Second Empire, followed by the Belle Époque in France knew many renowned composers that are hardly ever produced nowadays, despite their great popularity and international reputa- tion at the time. Through research and conser- vation efforts, the Orchestre Eugénie has found this sheet music, and with historical and musical analysis, has been able to restore in a traditional French style.


    A unique orchestral sound that is typical of the Belle Époque​
    The Parisian salon orchestra was the most common ensemble of musicians in Parisian sa- lons in the mid-nineteenth century. Its typically Parisian instrumental composition (piano-conducteur, violin(s), cornet, double bass, oboe, cello, percussion) gives the im- pression of a symphonic orchestra in smal- ler, in more intimate places rather than large concert halls.

    The economic boom led to more and more receptions, parties and balls being organised in France, where such orchestras were called upon to provide a quality musical performance in a festive ambiance.

    Hence, the Orchestre Eugénie offers a sound pro le that was typical of Parisian salons between 1850 and 1914.

    NEW: Orchestre Eugénie is now in the elegant city guide

    " Ma Vie à Paris"

    from Astier de Villatte

    " Between 1850 and 1915 grand Parisian townhouses were transformed into private concert rooms, thanks to the trend for salon orchestras. Groups of five to seven musicians, made up of a piano and, depending on circumstances, violins, cellos, cornets, double basses, oboes and percussion, played the hits of the day: great opera arias, trendy melodies and dance numbers. The Orchestre Eugénie has revived this Second Empire tradition and explores an obsolete repertoire that it brings back to life in today’s Parisian salons. The groups are smaller, but the sonic illusion is so effective that you would think you were in the presence of a genuine symphonic orchestra. The tailor-made musical programme can include romantic or cheerful melodies (Plaisir d’amour, Frou Frou), Spanish or Arabic tunes, and wild dances: polkas, waltzes, gallops and quadrilles, not to mention the Offenbach cancan."


    Ma Vie à Paris

    Edition Astier de Villatte


  • The Musicians


    Traditional Parisian salon orchestras are com- posed of a basic set of instruments to which more can be added ad libitum.

    The conductor alias le piano conducteur

    Nowadays, English speakers use a terminology of French origin in their musical vocabulary. These terms descended from Parisian “salon” orchestras.

    Marc-Antoine Pingeon is cofounder and piano conductor of the Orchestre de salon Eugénie in the pure french music tradition.


    Violin and violin obligato
    (Alexis Rousseau - Radu Bitica)


    (Nicolas Cambon- Judith Amaouche)


    (Anais Reznicek)


    (Raphael Cohen - Pierre Makarenko)


    (Yann Delmas - Marc Bollengier)


    (Cédric Kleinklaus)


  • Our activities

    We have a goal to connect your cause to the people who care the most.


    The diversity of the repertoire and the exibility of traditional Parisian salon orchestras

    enable programming that is adapted to various circumstances


    From french romantic music...

    to the best "viennoiseries" of France

    Public and private performances are regularly scheduled in France, Germany and Switzerland. These concerts are mostly performing pieces from the french romantic repertoire (Opera, french songs, "pièce de genre3). French dance musics from the 19th century - in a viennese style - became our speciality from waltz to the french Cancan. Orchestre Eugenie is definitely performing the best " viennoiseries" of France

    Corporate events, fashion shows, product launch, film music, film performance

    A professional partner for your 19th century music entertainment

    The Orchestra Eugénie, your partner to make your commercial or corporate events an exclusive moment and bring him the concertante touch ranging from the classical repertory to the "Belle Epoque" frivolities. We are at your disposal for artistic, musical advices and create together a unique moment.

    Private concert

    New : Concert @home

    " Si vous ne venez pas au concert, le concert viendra à Vous "


    Organize a your private concert with a pianist, a duo, a trio or an entire salon orchestra (5 or 8 musicians). A tailor-made concert @home is an extreme refinement for your private and exclusive receptions. Try a "Salons parisiens" like the ones evoked by Marcel Proust.

    Receptions, ceremonies, ball

    Your Partner for corporate events and ceremonies

    The Orchestra Eugenie is the right partner for public or private institutions wishing to give a special solemnity to events or ceremonies. Thanks to its musical research and its background of historical scores, the Eugénie Orchestra remains the privileged partner to give a special shine to your reception.

    Religious music, advent Vigils, mass

    Religious music of the 19th century is also part of our repertory. Orchestre Eugénie accompanies mass, advent Vigils, religious ceremonies as well as meditative or spiritual offices.


    Example : messe brève from Charles Gounod, messe brève from Léo Delibes

  • Notre Mission


    New recital 2019

    100 % Offenbach made in Strauss

    The "Strauss of Paris" was one of the main arrangers of Offenbach’s compositions works to ensure a continuous promotion in the balls and other parties which were given in Paris, with short works summarizing the emblematic themes of each « operette ». The two men knew each other and took advantage of each other's success.


    The abundance of Offenbach's works far exceeds the repertoire programmed over the last 50 years, to the point of forgetting some.


    With this new program, the Orchestre Eugénie proposes in a totally new recital, a panorama of the Offenbach’s repertoire arranged by his friend (Isaac) Strauss :

    The Princess of Trebizond, the Butterfly, The Shepherds,

    The Two Men of Arms, Lischen and Fitschen, King Carotte, Genevieve of Brabant, Barkouf, The Bavards and the Brazilian


    We are at the disposal for a complete presentation of the concert.


    #Offenbach #offenbach2019 #Mozartdeschampselysées #paris #Newyork


  • Audio sample and radio shows

    Keep calm ... and listen to Orchestre Eugénie

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    You Tube channel

    Orchestre Eugénie



    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - March 2015

    France Musique - " Etonnez-moi Benoît "

    Broadcast each staurday at 11:00 am and presented by

    Benoît Duteurtre

    Orchestre Eugénie invited by Benoît Duteurtre show's on the french national radio

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 17. February 2016

    Classique Vous avez dit classique?

    Radio show dedicated to the Orchestre Eugénie and the Waldteufel dynasty

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 4. January 2017

    Classique Vous avez dit classique?

    Radio broadcast dedicated to the composer Emile Waldteufel. Several pieces from Emile Waldteufel are broadcasted especially Les Sauterelles (polka pizzicato) performed by Orchestre Eugénie

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 5. February 2017

    On connaît la chanson?- Festive music for the chinese new year

    Radio China International broadcasted large parts of our festive concert "Musique festive du Second Empire".

    This exclusive concert has been programmed in addition to the successful exhibition "Spectaculaire Second Empire" at the Musée d'Orsay (September 2016 until January 2017) and presents official festive musics at the Court of Napoleon III.

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 9. September 2018

    Radio show dedicated to Isaac Strauss who composed dance music from 1828 until 1872. This violinist, composer as well as court conductor was also a major collector of works of art. The show presents his passion for the art collection. Some measurements of a Polka mazurka entitled « l’Adieu" (Farewell), performed by the Eugenie orchestra and recorded at the Salle Cortot in 2014, is broadcasted at the beginning of the show.


    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 17. November 2018

    Radio show dedicated to Isaac Strauss, the "Strauss of Paris" (Director of the Court Balls, Director of the Parian Opera Balls etc ...) the day before the colloquium which was devoted to him on

    18 November 2018 at the Museum of Art and History of Judaism.


    - Laure Schnapper, School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, EHESS

    - Jean-Claude Yon, University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin (78), Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, EPHE

    - Cédric Kleinklaus, co-founder of the "Orchestre Eugénie"


    #Strauss #polka #quadrille #straussofparis #Newyork #Paris #London

    Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via VisualHunt / CC BY

    Radio broadcast - 20. January 2019

    The guest of this show, the sociologist Dominique Schnapper, illustrated her speech with the polka "Hanukkah", composed by the composer Isaac Strauss, also known as "The Strauss of Paris". This composition quotes the famous theme of the song Maoz Tsour (Hebrew liturgical poem, traditionally sung during the Chanukah, after the lighting of the candles). This polka, was written in 1851 and dedicated to the great tragedian « Rachel ».


    The polka is performed by the Orchestre Eugénie orchestrated by Isaac Strauss for 4 musicians (piano conductor, violin, horn, bass).


    #strauss, #Straussdeparis #polka #dancemusic #Metternich # Napoleon III # mahj #collectionstrauss Mahj #strasburg # strasbourgmonamour # MaozTsour

  • Recording

    Musiques parisiennes de salon

    Pieces from Léon et Emile Waldteufel

    - Toujours fidèle,
    Waltz Charles Emile Waldteufel
    - Clarisse,
    polka caractéristique from Charles Emile Waldteufel
    - Jeu d'esprit,
    polka from Charles Emile Waldteufel
    - Aglaé,
    Waltz from Léon Waldteufel
    - Les Sauterelles,
    polka from Charles Emile Waldteufel
    - Prestissimo,
    galop from Charles Emile Waldteufel
    - Estudiantina,
    Waltz from Charles Emile Waldteufel


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